Residential Real Estate & Land Trust Florida

The law offices of Kristin Coomber, P.A., residential real estate attorney, maintains a high standard of quality when representing the best interests of our clients. From drafting Florida land trusts, to reviewing listing agreements, our firm has a reputation as trusted, knowledgeable attorneys with excellent attention to detail. We stay informed on the latest changes in residential real estate law to ensure client satisfaction.

The skilled services we offer to buyers and sellers of Residential Real Estate Include:

  • Title Insurance

    We are a title agent, and also real estate attorneys, giving Kristin Lettiere-Coomber, P.A. an edge over title agents that are not attorneys. Our office has the real estate law experience to handle your title issues and contracts on a higher level than a title agent that is not an experienced licensed attorney. Our team of attorneys protect against title issues, including defects and defective conveyance instruments, which can adversely affect owners. In the event of title defects, our attorneys assist in pursing resolution or, if there is no resolution, title insurance claims to compensate owners for defects resulting in financial loss.

  • Buyer Representation

    Homebuyers can rest assured that their rights are protected when choosing a residential real estate lawyer from our firm to represent them. We draft or review purchase and sales contracts, review proposed state of title, ensure that the documents seller is providing to convey title are free of defects, and make certain that the final title policy does not have hidden defects or flaws. In the event you have any issues, we advise you on the correct course of action, and strategize with you.

  • Land Trust Florida

    For those considering owning property in Florida land trusts, the law offices of Kristin Coomber, P.A. can assist you with drafting and establishing the land trust. We are aware that land trusts are often desirable for an owner to preserve their anonymity or to create a will substitute. We can assist in drafting a land trust in Florida that can be an effective way for clients to manage estate planning and to use as a vehicle to transfer property to a beneficiary.

  • Seller Representation

    Our residential real estate attorneys represent the best interests of sellers by drafting and negotiating sales contracts, reviewing title and vesting instruments, and ensuring that every aspect of the transaction is completed to high standards. Often liens appear on a Seller’s title which don’t actually attach to the property and an attorney at Kristin Coomber, P.A. can save you the aggravation of pursuing a release of a lien that did not attach to the property. In order to close, our attorneys draft seller documents and confirm payment of your liens result in a release of the liens upon closing the transaction.

  • Loan Closing

    The final loan closing paperwork is considered the most complex, involving various notes, deeds, statements and disclosures that need to be evaluated by a lawyer. An attentive residential real estate lawyer from our firm will accommodate your needs while within the timelines of the lender involved. We will work hard to ensure that you will close your transaction on time.

  • Title Review

    The intricate language of contracts addressing title review parameters is a focus of our firm. We have extensive experience in reviewing title according to terms negotiated in the contract. We conduct thorough title examinations, draft title objection letters to have the final title policy drafted correctly, and review the title insurance policy to ensure the title agent complied in drafting the policy in accordance with your attorney’s title objection letter. Representation by an attorney is critical to ensuring the marketability of your property.

  • Listing Agreements

    Our residential real estate attorneys advocate for you by conducting complete reviews of listing agreements. Consulting a lawyer before entering into a listing agreement to sell your home can help you ensure you have a fair listing agreement without unjust terms.

    We realize that clients have busy schedules, so our law offices are available. To book an appointment with our law offices, please contact us online or call our Boca Raton office at (561) 962-2214.